Welcome to Bandholm Hotel. Built in 1886 by the countship of Knuthenborg, with a history that goes back to 1692.

I have been on a trip through Lolland, I have searched in the old local archives, where I have found recipies and local commodities with taste and history.

We range from the classic dishes, to the fresh caught fish, to Knuthenlund's award winning organic cheeses. The season is our guide in choice of 
garnish. I look forward to serving you.

Bon appetit!

Naomi Fouché

Head Chef


Three course menus

For the youngest



Main courses


Cold drinks

Hot drinks


Champagne & Sparkling Wine

White wine


Red wine

Dessert wine


Cocktails & Drinks

Danish Wine



Served from 11 am to 5 pm

Lunch Menus

Local Lunch Menu

Fejø Salmon

Bandholm Tapas

DKK 245

Bandholm Menu

Herring starter

A choice of lunch platter

Apple cake de Luxe

DKK 245

Lunch Steak Menu

Bandholm Lunch Steak

Petit Fours

DKK 225

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Lunch Starters

Herring platter

pickled herring, rye bread, butter and fat spread

DKK 65

Green salad

with vinaigrette dressing

DKK 45

Lunch Platters

The Chef recommends: Choose 1 for the light appetite, 2 for a healthy hunger or supplement with a starter.

Shrimps and Eggs

Smiley free range eggs with hand peeled shrimps
and homemade mayonnaise

DKK 95

Fresh fish of the day

(ask the waiter)

Butter fried and served with cold potatoes,

homemade mayo and hand peeled shrimps

DKK 125

Homemade roastbeef

with fresh horseradish, our own mustard pickles,

greens and roasted onions

DKK 105

House pork & rosemary rilette

Classic French coarse paté

served with homemade pickles and greens

DKK 95

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Lunch Dishes

Bandholm Lunch Steak 200 g

Tender ribeye steak from Uruguay, served with French fries, 
homemade chili mayo, parsley butter and a side salad

200 g - DKK 195 | 325 g - DKK 275

Deluxe Lunch platter
(Min. 2 people)

Chef's choice, eg.:
Marinated herring with capers and red onion, egg and shrimp 
with mayonnaise and lemon, two kinds of cheese from Knuthenlund
with grapes and peppers, roast beef with tartar sauce, roasted onions and fresh
horseradish, pork tenderloin steak with fried onions. In addition,
rye bread, white bread, biscuits, fat spread and organic butter.

DKK 245

Large Bandholm Tapas

Small organic delights e.g. from Knuthenlund:
Served with homemade bread and organic butter.
Choices may vary.

DKK 210

Bandholm Burger

Large hamburger with sesame bun, bacon, cheese, ketchup, lettuce, mayo and jumbo french fries. Served with homemade chili mayonnaise. Double burger DKK 195

DKK 165

Club Sandwich

Variety of the famous hotel sandwich. Chicken and bacon on a 
homemade bun, curry dressing, french fries and mayonnaise. 

DKK 145


(Served Sat/Sundays from 10 am to 12 pm)

Scrambled eggs and bacon, country ham and smoked salmon 
with cream cheese and spring onions. Danish firm cheese 
and brie. Danish pastry, fresh fruit, smoothie. 
Served with two kinds of bread and organic butter.

DKK 165

With a glass of champagne DKK 245

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Local Menu

Knuthenlund Salad

The Taste of Lolland 

Danish Summer

DKK 395

Steak Menu

Fresh fish, hand peeled shrimps and avocado

Ribeye Steak 200 g

Crème brûlée

DKK 445

325 g + DKK 50

Fish Menu

Fejø Salmon, smoked in local honey

Freshly caught plaice

Jacob & Jakob gourmet ice cream

DKK 445


Gastro Menu
(Minimum 2 people)

Today’s fresh fish

With sauce mousseline, herb oil and fresh greens

Danish forest

3 kinds of potatoes, sauce estragon, smoked cheese, enoki

Local veal

Veal from Hvidkildegård, season's garnish

Mango Colada

Coco Lopez, passion fruit, mango, meringue

DKK 595

Wine menu from DKK 395

Start with Caviar

(Enough for 2 people)


Classic serving of Baerii Caviar 30 g with blinis and sour cream

White Sturgeon - Surcharge of DKK 100

DKK 395

Including 2 glasses of champagne DKK 595

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Served from 5.30 pm to 9 pm
The kitchen closes at 9 pm


Today’s fresh fish

Butterfried and served on sauce mousseline with fresh spring greens,
homebaked bread and organic butter.

DKK 155

Knuthenlund Salad

Lettuces, flowers and herbs. White salt-matured sheep milk cheese.
Biltong on Knuthenlund cattle. Bread and butter.

DKK 125

Salmon from Fejø, smoked in local honey

Served with herbal dressing, made with organic sheep milk yogurt from Knuthenlund.

DKK 125

The Party Starter

Fresh butterfried light fish, hand-peeled shrimps and avocado.

DKK 145

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Served from 5.30 pm to 9 pm
The kitchen closes at 9 pm

Hopballe Chicken Salad

Mixed salad with Holballe Mølle chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted kernels, dressing, bread and organic butter.

DKK 145

Salmon, avocado and shrimp salad

Smoked salmon and shrimps with ripe avocado, greens and red dressing. Served with bread and organic butter.

DKK 145

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Main Courses

Served from 5 pm to 9 pm
Fridays-Saturdays from 5 pm to 10 pm
Sundays from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm


Bandholm Ribeye Steak

Served with seasonal garnish, parsley potatoes 
and red wine sauce.

200 g - DKK 255 | 325 g - DKK 315

On request gluten- and dairy free


Large Bandholm Tapas

Small organic delights from e.g. Knuthenlund,
bread and organic butter

DKK 210

On request gluten free

Freshly caught Butterfried Plaice

Breaded and served with new potatoes, parsley sauce and peas.

DKK 260

Local Wiener Schnitzel

A Danish classic. Breaded steak of veal from Hvidkildegård
served with pommes sautées, mushroom sauce and peas.

DKK 225
(Extra schnitzel + DKK 50)

Bandholm Burger

Large hamburger with sesame bun, bacon, cheese, ketchup, 
lettuce, mayo and jumbo french fries.
Served with homemade chili mayonnaise.

DKK 165

Vegetarian Meal

- Please ask the waiter -

DKK 190

For special request - Please ask the waiter

For the youngest

Served from 11 am to 9 pm
The kitchen closes at 9 pm

Chicken nuggets with French fries
Served with vegetable sticks.

DKK 85

Fried fish fillet with French fries
Served with vegetable sticks.

DKK 85

Children's hamburger with French fries
Served with cucumber and tomato slices.

DKK 85

For special requests - please ask the waiter

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Served from 5.30 pm to 9 pm
The kitchen closes at 9 pm

Danish Summer

Fromage with Knuthenlund yogurt, served with sugar-baked rhubarb, Danish strawberries, white chocolate, whipped cream, caramel and hazelnuts. 

DKK 125

Bandholm Hotel Pancakes

Served with chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream and berries.

DKK 105

Apple cake de Luxe

Apple, crushed macaroons, nut crunch and whipped cream. Topped with red currant jelly.

DKK 95

Creme brulée with raspberries

DKK 105

Homemade chocolate Mudcake

With lots of creamy chocolate, 
vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and fruit.

DKK 115

Gourmet Ice Cream

3 scoops Jacob & Jakob gourmet ice cream, freshly cut tropical fruit and whipped cream.

DKK 95


Brigde on almonds, mild blue cheese creme and organic Kornblomst cheese
Pear, gelé and plum

DKK 145

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Desserts for the youngest

Children's Ice Cream

Two scoops of ice cream, topping, whipped cream and a lollipop.

DKK 45

Children's Bandholm Pancake

Served with ice cream, topping, whipped cream and a lollipop.

DKK 45

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Cold Drinks

Soda | Softdrinks

Coca-Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Carlsberg Sport, Fanta, Schweppes Lemon, Club Soda

Small DKK 35 | Medium DKK 45 | Large DKK 65

Organic juice from Bryghuset Møn

Choose between Elderflower, Rhubarb or Blackcurrant 33 cl

DKK 40

Apple Juice from Bandholm fruit orchard 

DKK 40

Roses Limonade | Naturfrisk ginger beer

DKK 45

Møn Water, bottle, 0.75 L

Vitalised water, bottle, 1 liter | Mineral Water 0.5 L

DKK 25

Tonic Water or Ginger Ale, Fentimans 125 ml

DKK 35

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Hot Drinks

Coffee, tea or espresso

DKK 30

Caffé Latte, Cappuccino, Chai Latte

DKK 40

Double Espresso or Cortado

DKK 45

Hot chocolate with whipped cream 

DKK 45

Irish Coffee (3 cl)

DKK 75

with 6 cl. DKK 100

French press coffee

DKK 45 per person


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Beer (33 cl)

Carlsberg Pilsner, Tuborg Classic, Tuborg Super Light (alcohol free)

DKK 40

Krenkerup Local Draft, Classic

Medium 30 cl DKK 55 | Large 50 cl DKK 75 | XXL 1 l DKK 95

Krenkerup Special Brew (50 cl) 

Choose Between:

1367 Premium 

Light but deep pilsner type, 4,7 % abv.

Typical classic lager with malt flavor and deep color, 4,8 % abv.

Rauch Beer
Delicate, mild and tasty smoked beer, 5,2% abv.

Characteristic, sweetness and bitterness in balance, 5,7% abv.

Amber Ale
Lux version of the English amber ale, 5,0% abv.

Fresh & fruity, traditionally fermented, 5,1% abv.

India Pale Ale
Citra hops, a genuine IPA, deep malty aroma 5,0% abv.

DKK 75

––––––– * –––––––

Doppel Bock
Classy, harmonic, strong German style beer, 8,3% abv.

Black and creamy with notes of coffee and licorice, 5,3 % abv.

Seasonal Beer
Please ask your waiter

DKK 85

Brewer's Secret III - shhh...

DKK 95

––––––– * –––––––

Westvleteren 12 Trappist - Belgian Trappist Bier

33 cl DKK 190 

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Piper Heidsieck, Champagne, Brut

Delicious and fresh Champagne on Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Glass DKK 110 | Bottle DKK 595 

Veuve Cliquot Brut Rosé

Fresh and intense, mineral notes of strawberry – an enchanting and romantic Champagne.

DKK 795

Piper Heidsieck, Cuvee Sublime, Demi Sec

Unusually soft and generous, fine nuances of honey, lingering on the palet 

DKK 695

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial

Elegant and seductive. Brut Imperial is everything a Champagne should be. 
Creme-golden color, fruity and dry on the palet and intensity in balance.

Bottle DKK 895
½ bottle DKK 595 | Magnum DKK 1.595

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Sparkling Wine

Maillefaud Crémant de Die

Semi-dry and illustrious Cremant, made by the Champagne method.

Glass DKK 65 | Bottle DKK 345


Tre Secoli Brachetto DOCG spumante, Piemonte

Sweet, red spumante with notes of raspberry and strawberry.

Glass DKK 60 | Bottle DKK 285

Kaapzicht sparkling Grape Juice, South Africa

100% Non-alcoholic

Refreshingly delicious grape juice – served ice cold.

DKK 190


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White Wine

Domaine de Mont d’Hortes, France

2015, Sauvignon Blanc

Fine and round taste, dry wine from Languedoc.

Glass DKK 75 | Bottle DKK 285


Lungarotti L’U Umbria Bianco IGT, Italy 

2015, Vermentino and Chardonnay

Medium bodied, dry white wine with notes of nuts and fresh fruit.

Glass DKK 85 | Bottle DKK 325

Solaris, Østergaard, Stokkemarke

2016, Solaris

Danish summer white wine from a local winegrower. The weather in 2016 was very generous and has given a fresh acid and delicious sweetness. A beautiful white wine that proudly represents Lolland. 

DKK 395

Yarden Chardonnay, Katsrin

2015, Chardonnay

Fantastic, lightly oaked Israeli white wine.
Fresh, fat, full bodies and floral - Sommelier's favorite.

DKK 395

Chablis, Domaine Séguinot-Bordet, France 

2014, Chardonnay

Classic tall, young Chablis - full, fresh and fatty. White fruit and light herbs.

DKK 425

Prinz Riesling, Rheingau, Germany

2014, Riesling

Organic, clean and tight - the Riesling taste

DKK 450

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Mont d´Hortes rosé, Cuvée 4 Saisons, Languedoc, South France

2014, Grenache

Refreshingly crisp - a very popular rosé.

Glass DKK 75 | Bottle DKK 285

Lungarotti Rosé Castel Grifone, Umbria 

2015, Sangiovese  

Beautifully colored and very fresh rosé, brings dashes of sunlight and summer.

Glass DKK 85 | Bottle DKK 325

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Red Wine

Kaapzicht Stellenbosch Kaleidoscope, South Africa

Cinsaut, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied, round and fruit-driven wine - easy to love.

Glass DKK 75 | Bottle DKK 275

La Mision Riserva, William Fèvre, Chile

2013, Cabernet Sauvignon 

An excellent full-bodied and tasty Cabernet with plenty of sunshine

DKK 295

- Recommended wine -

Lungarotti, Rosso di Montefalco

2013, Sangiovese, Merlot

Our Ambassador wine - Juicy and balanced, full and mature in the nose, 12 months in French oak. Unprecedented value for money.

Glass DKK 85 | Bottle DKK 345


Domini Veneti Valpolicella Ripasso “Torbe”

2014, Corvina, Rondinella

Our selected Ripasso. Spicy and complex wine with fine balance between acidity and tannins.

DKK 395

Pinot Noir ‘Turmhof’, Tiefenbrunner, Alto Adige

2014, Pinot Nero | Blauburgunder

Elegant and delicate Pinot from South Tirol in the most northern Italy. Dark berries and spices in the nose. 
Light and intense - yet full-bodied. Enjoy with light meat dishes, fried fish and for lunch.

DKK 445

André Mathieu Châteauneuf-du-Pape

2013, Grenache a.m.

Traditional Chateauneuf - rich and fragrant. Bouquet of ripe red fruit, spicy and impressive structure.

DKK 595

Barolo La Pieve, Abbona

2012, Nebbiolo

Imposing and beautiful Barolo. The nose is typical Nebbiolo: marked by a touch of soil, roses, violets and red fruit.

DKK 695

Campagnola Amarone Riserva Caterina Zardini

2011, Corvina

An absolutely excellent Amarone. Full-bodied and fruity taste with notes of ripe dark cherries and a hint of raisin. Campagnola’s flagship.

DKK 845

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Dessert Wine

Sur Lie, Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin 

The perfect dessert wine. This wine is made from the old Danish Stevns cherry and aged in barrels. Excellent local wine.

DKK 80/glass

Malus X Feminam 20 % 
“Best in Denmark”

Fresh acidity and lots of apple sweetness. Deep and intense apple aroma 
and rich in apple-honey-caramel flavors.

DKK 90/glass

Malus X Masculine 40 % 

The taste is dominated by deep, caramel apple flavor before 
ended by warm cognac tones and smack of tongue.

DKK 100/glass

Domini Veneti, Recioto della Valpolicella, Italy

Great Italian dessert wine or aperitif, sweetness of raisins, cherries and marzipan.

DKK 80/glass

Tiefenbrunner Rosenkönig

Dessert wine with seductive fruity taste. Notes from roseleaves and cloves.

DKK 65/glass

Vista Alegre Tawny Reserve Port

This reserve Tawny is produced in selected oak. Kept in oak barrels for 8-10 years.

DKK 80/glass

Portvin, Vista Alegre 10 year Tawny   
Average age 10

One of the best 10 year port wines on the Danish market. 
Deliciously nutty with lightly burned notes and long, long taste.

DKK 100/glass

Bodegas Gutiérres Colosia - P.X.

A dark and sweet Sherry with a bouquet of raisins. Sweet, bold and prune like in consistency. Produced on sun-dried P.X. grapes.

DKK 80/glass

Bodegas Gutiérres Colosia - Oloroso

Bone-dry Oloroso Sherry with a mahogany golden glow, roasted aromas and orange peels. Full and tight, dry and deliciously fatty.

DKK 80/glass

Vista Alegre Late Bottled Vintage port

A powerful and intense dark and rich port wine with an aging period of 4-6 years. It is unfiltered and from the great vintage of 2009. A superb glass ...

Bottle DKK 485

Feuerheerd´s Colheite 1990

Delicious ready to drink port aged for 25 years. Intense pleasure.

Bottle DKK 865

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Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosia – P.X. 

A dark and sweet Sherry with a bouquet of raisins. Sweet, bold and prune like in consistency. Produced on sundried P.X. grapes.

DKK 80/glass

Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosia – Oloroso

Bonedry Oloroso Sherry with a mahogany golden glow, roasted aromas and orange peels.
Full and tight, dry og deliciously fatty.

Kr. 80,-/glass

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Amaretto or Grand Marnier DKK 50

Heering Cherry Liqueur DKK 80

Diplomatico Liqueur De Rhum DKK 100

Tequila Patron, XO Café Liqueur DKK 120

Copenhagen Destillery Mexican Coffee Liqueur DKK 130

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Gammel Dansk, Jägermeister, 1 Enkelt, Dr. Nielsen, Fernet Branca

DKK 40

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Rød Aalborg, Jubilæums snaps, Linie Aquavit

Glass DKK 40 | Bottle DKK 750

Nordisk Brænderi

Fisk & Skaldyr

Glass DKK 50

Copenhagen Distillery

Indonesian Longpepper 
Christmas Edition

Glass DKK 60


Esrum Sø
Blackcurrant Schnapps


Glass DKK 50

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Claude Thorin  Séduction DKK 65

Maxime Trijol VSOP Grande Champagne DKK 100

Meukow XO DKK 140

Maxime Trijol XO Grande Champagne DKK 160

Daniel Bouju XO, AOC Grande Champagne DKK 180

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Kaapzicht 1tYr Pot Stilll DKK 90

Janneau Grand Armagnac DKK 100

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Lungarotti Rubesco DKK 120

Lungaroti Sagrantino DKK 140

Tiefenbrunner Gewurztraminer DKK 100

San Leonardo Stravecchia DKK 140

Terralsole, Grappa di Brunello Riserva DKK 140

Marolo, Grappa di Barolo DKK 120

Kobbernagel & Urth - Beet DKK 90

Frederiksdal Kirsch - Cherry DKK 130

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Ardbeg, The Ultimate Islay 
Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 år
DKK 120

Auchentoshan, Three Wood, Lowland
DKK 140

The Macallan Amber, Highland 
1824-Series, Single Malt Scotch Whisky
DKK 140

The Macallan Ruby, Highland 
1824-Series, Single Malt Scotch Whisky
DKK 260

Stauning Kaos
Danish Peated, Rye & Traditional whisky in one.
DKK 150

Stauning Peated, Danish whisky
DKK 150

Stauning KJESP, Danish whisky
Frederiksdal, local cherry wine oak finish
DKK 160

Fary Lochan, Fary Forest DKK 190
10 years, Glenmorangie  DKK 80
12 years, Glenfiddich  DKK 90
12 years, Bowmore Islay  DKK 90
12 years, Glendronach DKK 110
Smooth Ambler Rye/Bourbon DKK 180
Benromach, Chateau Cissac Finish DKK 180
Benromach, Organic DKK 160
Talisker, Storm DKK 100
Talisker, The Distiller’s Edition DKK 120
Teeling, Irish Single Malt Whiskey DKK 110
HIBIKI Harmony, Suntory DKK 160

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Diplomatico Ambassador DKK 260

Ron Quorhum DKK 150

Cartavio XO DKK 140

West Indies, Belize XO Single Cask DKK 140

Richland Rum DKK 140

Habitation St. Étienne, Agricole DKK 130

Shack Rum - Gold DKK 120

Navy Island XO Reserve DKK 110

Ron Zacapa Solera DKK 120
- Limitada DKK 120
- XO DKK 140

St. Lucia DKK 130

Casa Botran 1893 DKK 120
Botran 18Yr Solera DKK 100

Bristol Caroni DKK 120

Brugal Siglo de Oro DKK 110

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva DKK 100

Mount Gay XO DKK 100
Cask Rum DKK 100
Rum V DKK 180


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Cocktails & Drinks

Number 1 *

Skotlander rum, Pure Green, champagne syrup, rhubarb bitter, lime, topped with Champagne brut

DKK 111

Italian Daiquiri *

Skotlander white rum, Aperol, Giffard gomme, lime

DKK 110

Mai Tai

Diplomatico, Dry Curacao, lime, orgeat

DKK 110

Singapore Sling

Gin, Cointreau, Benedictine, Peter Herring, lime, pineapple, Angostura Bitters, grenadine

DKK 110

Espresso Martini

Pure Green Organic vodka, espresso, Giffard café, gomme

DKK 110

Cucumber Collins

Gin, lemon, cucumber, cane sugar

DKK 110

Mint Julep

Bourbon, Angostura bitter, cane sugar, fresh mint

DKK 100


Fio Cachaça, lime, cane sugar

DKK 90

Dry Martini - shaken or stirred

Gin, Dry Vermouth

DKK 90

Gin Fizz

Gin, lime, cane sugar, soda

DKK 90

Mojito | Cosmopolitan | Margarita  
Daiquiri | Gin & Tonic

DKK 80


Ninja Ale | Mojito Free | Baby Cosmo | Spicy Apple

DKK 70

Stormy Harbour *

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Cointreau, lime, Angostura bitters, ginger beer

DKK 150

Rum Swizzle

Mount Gay XO, Falernum, Peach Brandy, lime, Angostura bitters

DKK 140

The Vesper

The Botanist Gin, Belvedere Vodka, Lillet Blonde

DKK 140


Casa Vieja tequila, mezcal, lime, orgeat

DKK 120

White Russian

Tequila Patron XO Café liqueur, Stolichnaya vodka, milk

DKK 120

Fawlty Towers *

CPH Dry Gin, gin, Chambord, raspberry, lime, honey, thyme

DKK 120

Old Fashioned

Old Scout Str8 Bourbon, Angostura bitter, cane sugar

DKK 110

Breakfast Martini by Salvatore Calabrese

Gin, Cointreau, lemon, orange jam

DKK 110

Side Car

Cognac, Cointreau, lemon, cane sugar

DKK 110

Gin & Roses

Geranium Gin, Roses limonade

DKK 110

Frederiksdal Fizz

Fio Cachaça, Frederiksdal Cherry liqueur, egg white, lemon, soda

DKK 110

Pisco Sour

Barsol Primera, Angostura bitter, lime, egg white, cane sugar

DKK 110

* Signature Cocktails

- Upgrade with your favourite liquor DKK 35 - 

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Danish Wine

Solaris, Østergaard, Stokkemarke

2016, Solaris

Danish summer white wine from a local winegrower. The weather in 2016 was very generous and has given a fresh acid and delicious sweetness. A beautiful white wine that proudly represents Lolland.

DKK 395

Solaris, Østergaard, Stokkemarke

2014, Solaris

Danish summer white wine from local vineyard. - Only few bottles left.
Fresh acidity and delicious sweetness.

DKK 800

Rosé, Østergaard, Stokkemarke

2015, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis

Danish rosé from local vineyard
Lovely terrasso-rosé with summer scents from blackcurrant and rhubarb -
soft acidity and well-balanced sweetness. Perfect for a summer night’s delight, barbecue buffet and light dishes.

DKK 550

Rosé, Sletnæs, Lolland

2016, Cabernet Cortis

Danish rosé from local vineyard. Vinified at Østergaard. Lovely terrasso-rosé with summer scents from blackcurrant and rhubarb - soft acidity and well-balanced sweetness. Perfect for a summer night’s delight, barbecue buffet and light dishes.

DKK 395

Rondo, Østergaard, Stokkemarke

2015, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis

Danish red wine from local vineyard, made on the Amorone-method
Incredibly intense Danish wine for the connoisseur.
Large fruityness, vanilla, dark, sunripened berries.
Great accompaniment for red steaks and meat dishes.

DKK 900

Sur Lie, Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

The perfect dessert wine. This wine is made from the old Danish Stevns cherry
and aged in barrels. Excellent local wine.

Bottle 50 cl DKK 465 | Glass DKK 80

Malus X Masculine 40%

The taste is dominated by deep, caramel apple flavor before
ended by warm cognac tones and smack of tongue.

Glass DKK 100

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