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Gift Cards

Buy a gift card for someone you care about

Spread joy and well-being with a gift card for stays and wellness at Bandholm Hotel. A gift card kan be used when ever it fits in the guest's schedule.

A gift card is a great idea for a gift. Below it is possible to buy a gift card for a certain product or an amount after your choosing. You can also call us at +45 5475 5476.

Gift card for hotel and restaurant

Here in the beautiful and historic Bandholm Hotel, we are always flexible concerning the wishes and needs of our guests. It is possible to order a gift card for the hotel, restaurant or wellness, precisely the way you want it, and as the gift you want to give.

Spread joy with a gift card for a hotel stay and wellness

A gift card for the hotel in the most cozy town in Lolland, for instance can be used as a romantic surprise, a well deserved break for friends and family or as a prize or bonus in competitions etc.