Served from 11 am to 5 pm

Lunch Menus

Bandholm Menu

Herring starter

A choice of lunch platter

Apple cake de Luxe

DKK 245

Lunch Steak Menu

Bandholm Lunch Steak

Petit Fours

DKK 245

Lunch Starters

Herring platter

pickled herring, rye bread, butter and fat spread

DKK 65

Green salad

with vinaigrette dressing

DKK 45

Lunch Platters

The Chef recommends: Choose 1 for the light appetite, 2 for a healthy hunger or supplement with a starter.

Shrimps and Eggs

Smiley free range eggs with hand peeled shrimps
and homemade mayonnaise

DKK 105

Fresh fish of the day

(ask the waiter)

Butter fried and served with cold potatoes,
homemade mayo and hand peeled shrimps

DKK 125

Homemade roast beef

with fresh horseradish, our own mustard pickles,
greens and roasted onions

DKK 105

Veal Tatar

Classically served with mussel sauce, black truffle, mustard herb, shallots and cornichons.

DKK 125

Lunch Dishes

Bandholm Lunch Steak 200 g

Tender ribeye steak from Uruguay, served with French fries, homemade chili mayo, parsley butter and a side salad.

200 g – DKK 245 | 325 g – DKK 295

Deluxe Lunch platter

(Min. 2 prople)

Chef's choice of cold or warm dishes, eg.:

Marinated herring with capers and red onion, egg and shrimp
with mayonnaise and lemon, roast beef with homemade rémoulade, roasted onions and fresh horseradish, pork tenderloin steak with fried onions. In addition, rye bread, white bread, fat spread and organic butter.

DKK 245

Add Cheese side platter DKK 40

Bandholm Tapas for Lunch

Small organic delights e.g. from Lolland. Served with homemade bread and organic butter.
Choices may vary.

DKK 225

Bandholm Burger

Large hamburger of Danish beef with sesame bun, bacon, cheese, ketchup, lettuce, mayo and jumbo french fries. Served with homemade chili mayonnaise. Double burger DKK 195

DKK 165

Club Sandwich

Variety of the famous hotel sandwich. Chicken and bacon on a homemade bun, curry dressing, french fries and mayonnaise.

DKK 145