Gastromiddag i Bandholm Hotels restaurant
Hyggelig restaurant på Lolland-Falster med ild i pejsen og udsigt over vandet
Kaffesmagning på Bandholm Hotel, hvor kaffe og udvalgte avec'er smages sammen
Kælderkortet på Bandholm Hotel bugner af spændende vine fra hele verden
gourmet menu med vinmenu - udsøgt lokal gastronomi
Luksusophold med gourmet, champagne og chokoladedyppede jordbær

Welcome to Bandholm Hotel's cozy a la carte restaurant. Here we serve delicious locally inspired dishes, exquisite gourmet experiences and a host of delightful desserts, accompanied by choice coffees.

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Bandholm Hotel's restaurant reaps good reviews

Bandholm Hotel is among Denmark's most popular restaurants according to guests. At there are over 1700 reviews of the restaurant with an average score of almost 6 out of 6 possible. In December 2015 the hotel restaurant was voted the most popular restaurant, not just on Lolland-Falster, but throughout the Eastern Denmark, that is both Zealand and the Islands incl. Copenhagen.

Exclusive culinary experiences with local ingredients

Bandholm Hotel's restaurant is firmly anchored in the local food universe on Lolland-Falster. Here are some of Denmark's best local produce, and Bandholm Hotel cooperates with the best local producers on Lolland and Falster. With over 40,000 annual restaurant guests annually, the hotel's restaurant is among the most popular on Lolland-Falster and South Zealand. The restaurant offers both exclusive gourmet cuisine at weekends and a good selection of à la carte dishes as well as three- and four-course menus 7 days a week.

Air Café and Ice Cream House on Lolland

In the summer months, the hotel's large covered terrace is open for serving until late on the bright summer evenings. Here you can enjoy your food with a beautiful view of the sea, and you can have a great selection of drinks in the large open-air bar, or buy a delicious "Giant Bandholmer" in the hotel's popular Ice Cream House, which is next to Havnegade (the main street).

Give a good dining experience as a gift certificate

A gift voucher to Bandholm Hotel Restaurant is a nice way to delight a good friend, a family member, a colleague or a business relation. The gift card can be made out on an optional amount or a specific menu, such as a 7-course gourmet menu or one of the 3-course menus of the House. See Gift cards for more.

What a great experience. Very friendly staff, great hotel, nicely decorated, everything in good shape and the service in the breakfast room was the best. I asked for a special (porridge) and they made this without any extra charge and it was the best porridge I have ever had. The place is so good that I will be back already three days after I have been there on my way back from Copenhagen to Germany. I will go there tomorrow and can't wait to have porridge again on Saturday morning. Go there, you will NOT be disappointed. Many thanks to the team.
Nice dining, good food, Fantastic place.
Gowda Ravi Nandeesh
The hotel has a fabulous restaurant and we had dinner here every night. They have many local products and use local or regional ingredients in their cooking. The hotel staff are amazing, so friendly, relaxed and polite. Besides the restaurant there is also a nice bar and the outdoor terrace is lovely as well. We strongly recommend a visit here if you want a relaxing stay with super quality rooms, food and staff.
Beautiful hotel. Great service and restaurant.
Peter Lind
Everything about this hotel, from its interior to its wine menu and breakfast buffet is absolutely amazing.
Rikke Levin Andreasen
Amazing place, food and service.
Mia Hamilton Jee
Superb Homegrown Food - The restaurant get local delicacies from the farmers as well as making their own specialities. Freshly made with unique flavors and complimenting combinations. Staff were excellent!
This was my 3rd annual visit and this place maintains its high standards. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The food is excellent and their choice wines too. But just take the house wine recommendation. It will serve you well. The bar has an impressive selection of various spirits. Also, the breakfast is superb.