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Brasserie Alba

Brasserie Alba

Brasserie Alba serves delicious menus for lunch and dinner in the Garden Room at the New Bandholm Badehotel with stunning views of the sea.

See the menus further down the page.

Opening hours:

Lunch: Thursday - Saturday 12.00 - 14.30

Evening: Thursday – Saturday 18.00 – 22.00


(We recommend 2-3 per person)

Herring w. Confit garlic, horseradish mayo, clove greaves & cress 95 kr.

Tomato herring, tomato chips, shallots, sour cream & pickled mustard seeds 95 kr.

Potato sandwich with chive cream, fennel crudité & rye bread crumble 95 kr.


Pan-fried fish fillet with homemade remoulade, local salads & lemon 110 kr.

Fish fillet with prawns & lemon mayo 125

Smoked salmon w. stewed spinach, dried tomato & fried capers on bread 110 kr.

Chicken salad of confit Dalbakkegaard chicken, fried mushrooms, tarragon & mesters bacon 95 kr.

Bird whistle with chive cream, onions, rye bread chips & cress 110 kr.

Hand-cut beef tartare w. dried tomato, tomato compote & tarragon mayo 95 kr.



Egg cake with rye bread, mustard, bacon & salad 125 kr.

Croque madame with fried egg & marinated salad 155 kr.

Fish 'n' chips w. tartar sauce & lemon 175 kr.

Prices include VAT and service.



3 Local cheeses with toasted rye bread, crispbread & compote 110 kr.

Mousse on milk chocolate with crystallized chocolate, blackcurrant jelly & mint ice cream 85 kr. 

The cake of the day 45 kr.

Prices include VAT and service

Christmas menu in 3 servings

Homemade rye bread & moulded bread

Butter from Aabybro

Homemade spiced lard with clove greaves and crispy onions


1. Serving

2 kinds of herring:

Fried herring with soft onions & coarse mustard

Blackcurrant pickled herring with cloves & horseradish

Homemade gravlax with Bandholm fox sauce

Pan-fried fish fillet with homemade remoulade & grilled lemon    

Homemade Dalbakkegard chicken salad with mushrooms, tarragon and bacon


2. Serving

Homemade duck leg confit with spicy duck gravy. Served with red cabbage with orange and duck fat

Bandholm Christmas Medister with homemade green cabbage and browned and white potatoes


3. Serving

Homemade risalamande with cherry sauce & dried cherries

White chocolate and cherry sorbet

Caramelized almonds

550,- per person